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    Aditya Sehgal
    Hi guys, while trying to do a find, SugarORM is throwing up an exception : IllegarlAccessException: Cannot access method :void <full Class Name>. <init>(). Any ideas? I have several tables up and running without any problem . This single class is giving me this issue
    I would like to search between to date. java.util.Date is the type of stored dates. What is correct way? I tried Try.find(Try.class," dates BETWEEN ? and ?", {date1,date2})
    I found it. date1.getTime() . :-)
    I have a select request with 100+ element. it takes 2 seconds, any idea for improve time?
    Hello Guys. I have error in 6.0 (API 23) E/Surface: getSlotFromBufferLocked stackoverflow say it is persistence problem. The db is ok, but I always got this message. After every sql. Is there some workaround?
    hey, I have a question with Sugar ORM
    I've a backup file of db and wanted to restore it
    by replacing the file in databases folder, its not working
    can anyone help me with this issue?
    after you restored the db file, have you restart your app? or init it again?
    Nguyễn Văn Tuấn Vũ
    As the tutorial, if i add new fields to data model, Sugar ORM will create columns to table automatically, but its not, after added new fields, the app is crash cause table has no columns name like i have updated to model.
    Can any one give me an advices?
    Do I have to make a migration?
    Nguyễn Văn Tuấn Vũ
    okay i got this, just increase the db version number in manifest file
    Vinicius Bisognin Immich
    Hi guys!
    I'm new to SugarORM and I just have one question.
    Does sugar automatically do rever foreign key lookups?
    What I mean by that is, say I have Class A, and Class B, which has an atribute from the type A;
    Can I through my Class A Object get the set who is referencing me without an extra query?
    Don't know if you who is reading this has ever user Django, but the Django ORM does that and in this case through A object, using "a.b_set.all()" it would return me a list of all B objects who reference A;
    Sorry for the long question.
    This message was deleted
    Hi Everyone,
    How do I go about deleting a table if I don’t know its id?
    The problem is that I am using Sugar ORM to store task for a todo list populated into recycler view. If I want to delete one of the tasks, I don’t know how to get the id for that particular task. I think it has something to do with viewHolder, but I have no idea what to do here, any help will be appreciated.
    Hi all, I want to create record for table when install app
    Can you help me?
    Eduardo Gueiros
    in what case some tables are created but not others? all models are in com.mymonster.models (and that’s what I have in AndroidManifest for DOMAIN_PACKAGE_NAME). Inside I have other packages, so com.mymonster.models.app and com.mymonster.models.message - all classes in the “app” package are created but I’m getting “no such table” for classes in the “message” package…anyone seen this before?
    Eduardo Gueiros
    FYI, found the issue. duplicate colunm name. Peace.
    Kennedy Nyaga
    Is there a "beforeSave" listener on sugarOrm?
    behzad nemat morad

    Hello Guys

    please please please Help me
    When i call every function of my item class that extended SugarRecord Class my app is crashed on that line that i called the function :((

    any idea ????? thnak u....

    Roberto Altieri
    Hi all. Is it possible to use Sugar ORM with jack?
    I keep getting:

    A problem occurred evaluating project ':app'.

    java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/android/build/gradle/AppPlugin : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

    Roberto Altieri
    I'm using version 1.5
    Hussain Khan

    can anyone tell me what is the problem..?? Im trying to Migrate db...and I have Followed all the steps given on the Sugar ORM official page..!!
    Error:Execution failed for task ':app:packageDebug'.

    java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:\Finja\MyApplication222\app\build\intermediates\assets\debug\sugar_upgrades (Access is denied)

    hey guys! Is it possible to save images to the database using sugar? I haven't managed to do it
    Hee Chee Kiat
    hey who can let me know android sugar how to group by date year?

    List<Book> mBooks = Book.findWithQuery(Book.class, "Select * from Book GROUP BY DATE_FORMAT(date, '%Y%m')");

    List<Book> mBooks = Book.findWithQuery(Book.class, "Select * from Book GROUP BY YEAR(date), MONTH(date)")

    when i run this 2 query get no such function DATE_FORMAT or YEAR

    here is my class file

    public class Book extends SugarRecord {
    String title;
    String edition;
    Date date;

    Ludvianto Ovandi

    fitur offset is not working at all

    public List<T> list() {
    if (arguments == null) {
    arguments = convertArgs(args);

        return SugarRecord.find(record, whereClause, arguments, groupBy, orderBy, limit);
    there is no parameter for offset
    last param is limit, offset ?
    Hello, does anyone know why my application (which extends SugarRecord) works perfectly on an emulator in the computer but not on my phone?
    David Hernández Peña
    Is it possible to load a database already created by me with sugarOrm?
    Gil Goldzweig
    hey i have a problem with saving objects that have nested custom objects all the custom objects extends sugarRecord but when i look at the db their all null
    may i know if it can connect to mysql?
    Seth Kigen
    Does any one have any idea why the CI-Builds are failing?
    Aaron C
    Could someone demonstrate how I would set up a model with Kotlin?
    Because when I try to retrieve the data, I get nothing back
    Aaron C
    found a workaround
    Hello everybody
    Will this project ever get a new release?
    Nikola Eleree
    Hello everybody
    Will this project ever get a new release?
    @eleree i hope so!
    Nikola Eleree
    @AxxiD me too
    I can't update document with unique annotation.
    Test test=new Test();
    Test test1=new Test();
    here Identification is unique..
    Hello, I need your help. Current version of my app has been published for 1 year. Now I want to add 4 columns to 2 tables without user's data lost.