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Repo info
    I've uploaded a project to Bintray, and when trying to add it to JCenter from the link on the page, I get an error, as described in this SO question.
    It appears that the link set by the plugin is not a correctly formated URL. Do you guys think this is a problem?
    (it is of the form git@gitlab.com:lJoublanc/..., but should start with https:// I think.
    I've opened #163 for this
    Gavin Bisesi
    :wave: I'm trying sbt-bintray for the first time, and I'm seeing that when I sbt publish, it's pushing jars to both my bintrayOrganization and my personal user repository - how can I avoid it publishing to my personal one?
    Martynas Mickevičius
    Hi. Are the same jars being published to different repos? My guess would be that different sub-projects in your build are using different bintrayOrganization.
    Note that by default bintrayOrganization is set to your bintray username by sbt-bintray.
    Gavin Bisesi
    hmm, I'll check that
    Loránd Szakács
    hello folks, how exactly do I link a multi-module sbt build — which I previously published on sonatype as multiple jars library-moduleX, library-moduleY, etc. — under one single bintray package called library while still ensuring that all the files corresponding to each module are added there. So far I've only been able to make sbt implicitely create a bunch of packages, each named after the individual module (e.g. library-moduleX) :sweat_smile: — I really need this, because I have like 15 modules, and I don't want to go to each one individually and link them to JCenter :sweat_smile: , especially since over time some dissappear, others get added, etc.
    Loránd Szakács
    a, found how. Set key bintrayPackage := "library" in each module.
    Matthias Deja
    Hello! I am getting the error "(bintrayEnsureBintrayPackageExists) was not able to find or create a package for jackadull in Repo(jackadull,maven) named delme" when trying to publish.
    However, the package does in fact exist. I have already googled a lot for the error message, and tried some minor variants, but nothing helped.
    The build is just a test for Bintray releases, and therefore is quite a minimal SBT project. The only thing of note that publishing happens to a package of an organization, not of a user.
    You can check out the sources here: https://github.com/jackadull/delme
    Any help is appreciated!
    Matthias Deja
    Okay, got it resolved quite easily. bintrayRepository was missing, that was all.
    im getting that error. im on windows btw
    Greg Zoller

    G'day folks... I'm struggling to publish a hello-world app. I'm getting:

    [error] stack trace is suppressed; run last bintrayEnsureBintrayPackageExists for the full output
    [error] (bintrayEnsureBintrayPackageExists) java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.io.IOException: Remotely closed

    In my build.sbt I've defined: bintrayOrganization, bintrayReleaseOnPublish, bintrayRepository, bintrayPackage, bintrayPackageLabels. The repo exists, but this is a first-publish, so the package doesn't exist yet. Credentials are valid and in the ~/.bintray/.credentials file.

    My full build.sbt:
    scalaVersion := "2.13.1" //"2.13.0" //"2.12.3"
    resolvers += "co.blocke ivy resolver" at "https://dl.bintray.com/blocke/releases"
    libraryDependencies ++= Seq("co.blocke" %% "scalajack" % "6.2.0")
    val pubSettings = Seq(
      // publishMavenStyle := true,
      bintrayOrganization := Some("blocke"),
      bintrayReleaseOnPublish in ThisBuild := false,
      licenses += ("Apache-2.0", url("http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0")),
      bintrayRepository := "provisional",
      bintrayPackage := "bogus",
      bintrayPackageLabels := Seq("scala")
    lazy val bogus = (project in file("."))
      .settings(pubSettings: _*)
          version := "0.6.x-0-SPECIAL",
        moduleName := "bogus",
        description := "blah",
        // autoScalaLibrary := false,
        // crossPaths := false,
        // sbtPlugin := false,
        javacOptions in Compile ++= List("-target", "1.8", "-source", "1.8"),
        javacOptions in (Compile, doc) --= List("-target", "1.8")
    Greg Zoller
    For jollies, I went into Bintray and manually created package bogus. Still got the same error on publish.
    Greg Zoller
    nm. I think I was having proxy issues. Tried another computer and publishing was ok.
    Hello I would like to know whether I can use sbt-bintray to pusblish to Jfrog Artifactory
    Ángel Cervera Claudio
    Is https://github.com/sbt/sbt-bintray/README.md the only documentation available?
    Boris V.Kuznetsov
    Hello getting the following error with sbt 3.1.12 and sbt-bintray 0.5.6:
     was not able to find or create a package for  in Repo
    I created a new Maven-type repository in by bintray account. What's wrong with this? How to fix? Thank you
    Michel Rouly
    Since Bintray is being sunset, I spun up a quick replacement plugin to target Artifactory/JFrog for my own processes: https://github.com/jrouly/sbt-artifactory. It's not feature complete with sbt-bintray by any means, but it gets the job done. It also provides both publishing/resolving. Would love to get thoughts on it, open to PRs etc.