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Sep 2016
Nicolas Rinaudo
Sep 05 2016 19:57

I'm having a frustrating time adding sbt-header as a dependency of an autoplugin I'm writing. I feel like I've set everything up right:

  • my autoplugin's build.sbt declares addSbtPlugin("de.heikoseeberger" % "sbt-header" % "1.6.0").
  • it declares its requirement as it should: override def requires = HeaderPlugin

But whenever a project actually uses it (by declaring it as a plugin in build/plugins.sbt), sbt fails to load with a messy stack trace that boils down to java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: de.heikoseeberger.sbtheader.HeaderPlugin$

Help would be appreciated, although I do realise this might very well not be related to sbt-header