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Feb 2018
Nicolas Rinaudo
Feb 09 2018 13:50
@hseeberger regarding sbt/sbt-header#149, if you confirm that it's a regression and not intended, I can probably provide a PR relatively quickly if you're interested
Nicolas Rinaudo
Feb 09 2018 15:53
@hseeberger is there any chance this could make it into a 4.1.1 any time soon? The reason I spotted that is because it caused some of own tests to fail, and I'd really like to re-enable them :)
if not no worries, of course, your project, your release schedule
Heiko Seeberger
Feb 09 2018 21:17
Will do. Glad you like it!
Nicolas Rinaudo
Feb 09 2018 21:48
thanks, appreciate it!