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Mar 2015
Anton Kulaga
Mar 23 2015 00:06
Hi all. I am trying to use native-packager to run akka-microkernel. I generated the run scirpt with sbt-native-packager 1.0 As I undestood by reading akka docs ( ) the server should run even after I close the terminal. But it shutdowns in my case (just in case I run it in Mint/Ubuntu terminal). I wonder, should I add some additional stuff to my configuration to avoid this? Here is my project configuration
Nepomuk Seiler
Mar 23 2015 05:49
Hi, I'm not sure if this is an sbt-native-packager related question, rather than an Akka one.
William Narmontas
Mar 23 2015 09:24
@antonkulaga nope. You would want to think about running your script either as a service (see: systemd units, very easy to use, I’ve used it with Akka & Play apps); or run it inside screen (much easier, but won’t start back up after reboots)
Nepomuk Seiler
Mar 23 2015 11:07

@antonkulaga is right. Sorry for my misleading answer. I would recommend using a bootloader (like Systemd, SystemV or Upstart). How to swap them is documented here.

rpm builts default to SystemV and debian builds default to Upstart. SystemD is the new player, but is experimental in SBT Native Packager.

Also you have duplicates in your build.sbt. If you enable the AkkaPackagingPlugin you shouldn't put the packageArchetype.akka_application as this will make the AutoPlugin mechanism useless
Josh Suereth
Mar 23 2015 23:29
@antonkulaga I'd actually recommend against teh akka microkernel
I'm pretty sure it's going to become deprecated in favor of just raw akka services (i.e. having a main method).