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Sep 2015
Maxime Bury
Sep 24 2015 19:31
I'm trying to use the tasks from sbt/sbt-native-packager#632, and my project has a couple sub-projects
I gather that to share the tasks between sub-projects, they must be in a .scala file under the top-level project/
Maxime Bury
Sep 24 2015 19:36
This message was deleted
I'm getting the following compilation errors:
[error] /Users/bowbaq/Dropbox/Originate/somatix/somatix/project/Tasks.scala:14: not found: value stage
[error]     val dockerStageValue = (stage in Docker).value
[error]                             ^
[error] /Users/bowbaq/Dropbox/Originate/somatix/somatix/project/Tasks.scala:30: not found: value stagingDirectory
[error]     val dockerStagingDirectory: File = (stagingDirectory in Docker).value
Which I'm not sure how to resolve. Help would be much appreciated
Nepomuk Seiler
Sep 24 2015 20:50

@chrischaulk with 1.0.0 we try to use AutoPlugin for all these configuration stuff. See


@Bowbaq you need to import all the necessary stuff
import com.typesafe.sbt.packager.Keys._