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Oct 2015
Phil Wills
Oct 01 2015 11:56
Odd thing I'm seeing with JDebPackaging. If I run a task with a dependency on debian:pacakgeBin it works fine, but if I run it directly I see
[info] Building debian package with java based implementation 'jdeb'
[info] Creating debian package: /Users/philip/facia-tool/facia-tool/target/facia-tool_1.0_all.deb
[info] Building debian package with native implementation
i.e. it trying to build it both ways, the latter of which fails, as I don't have fakeroot installed
Any idea what might be triggering that behaviour?
Phil Wills
Oct 01 2015 12:10
Ah, apparently this happens if you have JDebPackaging enabled for one sub-project, but not another. Since I hadn't enabled any native packager plugins for the other sub-project, I wouldn't have expected it to attempt to package it at all
Hmm, this build is generally a bit funky, so probably not worth investigating until I've clarified what's going on
Phil Wills
Oct 01 2015 12:15
Yea, there was a rogue aggregates call from one sub-project to the other, so not a problem with sbt-native-packager at all
Aleksej Ruckoj
Oct 01 2015 12:26
This message was deleted

Hi! I'm using sbt-native-packager with DockerPlugin.
Resulting image contains two layers of similar sizes:

b49580a36beb6c7cd020ad006954f245aebf82041d3e79eff1517fdbf58ae6cd   About an hour ago   chown -R daemon:daemon . 125.2 MB             
f12b3a929ded4161044642e117114b57889613d77186a0a727862ab5a44af5e3   About an hour ago   /bin/sh -c #(nop) ADD dir:678c325d24285ae96f682c6abc3d71cc8a17ee6267a2db4fff232fcaaa5dec13 in /opt  125.2 MB

One of layers is created by the next command in DockerPlugin:

makeChown(user, group, "." :: Nil)

Could you please explain what is the reason for using it and why it creates another layer?