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Jan 2016
Dmytro Aleksandrov
Jan 28 2016 21:29
Hi! Can somebody suggest a way to define sbt packaging task for different Ubuntu distributions? My intent is to have something like packageTrusty which underneath delegates to debian:packageBin with serverLoading := Upstart and also packageWily that does same but with serverLoading := Systemd
As i know SBT has task scope, so it seems that I just need something like serverLoading in packageWily := Systemd
But how packageWily should be defined now?
Jan 28 2016 21:43
@alkersan isn't it possible to have one package that has both service systems?
Dmytro Aleksandrov
Jan 28 2016 21:45
@nafg yes, this is another option
@nafg but this is also non trivial - only one flavor of serverLoadingcan be specified. So I'll have to add additional filemaps, service templates, etc...
Nepomuk Seiler
Jan 28 2016 22:39
The easiest and recommend way is to create packaging submodules. SBT configs are confusing and need more work to actually work.
There is a pretty good SO answer from @metasim ( it's about configs, but essentially the same problem )
Dmytro Aleksandrov
Jan 28 2016 22:46
@muuki88 thanks! I've just found it in Helpful-Snippets on github wiki