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Feb 2016
Feb 25 2016 04:02
@schrepfler are you asking about play?
Nepomuk Seiler
Feb 25 2016 08:03
@schrepfler Depend on what configuration you mean.
  • Typesafe config (e.g. for play) you have to specify javaOptions in run += "-Dconfig.resource=foo.conf" and set fork in run := true
  • Native Packager bash script conf: This is not possible as sbt run has nothing to do with the bash script sbt-native-packager provides
Richard Gomes
Feb 25 2016 09:27
@muuki88 :: Thanks on your feedback on issue 746. When I find some time I will work on that direction you suggested. :+1:
Srepfler Srdan
Feb 25 2016 09:49
thanks muuki
John Landahl
Feb 25 2016 22:46
Hey, quick question. I'm using the Docker plugin and am trying to add a generated file to the Docker image by using mappings in Docker += .... That seems to work ok when I run docker:stage (I can see the file with the other staged files), but it doesn't seem to become part of the image when I run docker:publishLocal.
Is adding to mappings in Docker the right place for this kind of thing?
And why would a file in target/docker/stage not show up in the image?
John Landahl
Feb 25 2016 23:12
Oh wait... I'll need another ADD command in Dockerfile