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Feb 2016
John Landahl
Feb 26 2016 02:01
Yeah, that was it. Because the file I created was outside of the opt directory I needed another ADD command to get it into the image.
Patrick Mahoney
Feb 26 2016 06:49
hey all! this is a question someone I'm sure has seen before...I have a resourceGenerator that creates resource files in a subdir of managedResources. I add this dir to managedResourceDirectories. I package (debian:packageBin) and the resources appear to be in a jar of the project, and that jar ends up in lib/. The app doesn't find the files on the classpath using .getResourceAsStream or whatever.
What am I missing? managedClasspath in Compile ++= ...? something else? putting them to a subdir of classDirectory in Compile seems to result in them being on the cp, even post packaging, but this doesn't abide the resourceGenerator docs
Schmitt Christian
Feb 26 2016 13:54
Hey can somebody help me, I have a play application with a play subproject module, however when I run universal:package-zip-tarball it will also create a zip tarball for the subproject, is there a way to disable that?
Simeon H.K. Fitch
Feb 26 2016 16:45
Does anyone have an example of deploying a self-contained/runnable .war file with JavaServerAppPackaging?