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Mar 2016
Srepfler Srdan
Mar 02 2016 07:16
Yuval Itzchakov
Mar 02 2016 14:10
Has anyone seen such an exception before trying to create an rpm?
[error] (ingest/rpm:packageBin) Failed to symlink /usr/share/com-clicktale-ai-ingest/bin/com-clicktale-ai-ingest to /vagrant/conductor/ingest/target/rpm/tmp-buildroot/usr/bin/com-clicktale-ai-ingest
Yuval Itzchakov
Mar 02 2016 14:23
Ok NVM, my fault.
Patrick Mahoney
Mar 02 2016 17:31
@muuki88 Thanks! I'll take a look elsewhere, initially thought I'd need to modify scriptClassPathOrdering or something. There is something else odd occurring that I think explains what I'm seeing, but I'm fishing atm.