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Mar 2016
Wojciech Jurczyk
Mar 29 2016 11:13

Hi! I know that src/universal directory is packaged when building a Java application and I wanted to prove it in my project's docs by providing a link to the docs. The only thing I've found is that states

By default, any file in the src/universal directory is packaged. This is a convenient way to include things like licenses, and readmes.

The information is included in a paragraph about customization of the app via application.ini.
For me, it seems that telling about src/universal a propos application.ini is just a reminder. Is src/universal documented anywhere else?
John Klingler
Mar 29 2016 12:07
If I recall correctly, src/main/universal is mapped to the root of the installation target. So, on Linux for example, if you want a config to show up as /etc/application.ini, it should be in your project as src/main/universal/etc/application.ini .
Wojciech Jurczyk
Mar 29 2016 12:44
@muuki88: Thanks! It is there!
Btw, I didn't know the "read the docs" version. Is it not published yet (in sense: not publicly linked to), is it?
I took a closer look at the github page and it is linked. I didn't notice the link because in the repo's description there is Read-the-docs-version is linked below, via a badge.