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Aug 2016
Farhan Syed
Aug 30 2016 18:28
why is the SystemdPlugin not working?
it can't seem to find it
i had to do something hacky like this

serverLoading in Rpm := ServerLoader.Systemd
either way
Nepomuk Seiler
Aug 30 2016 19:16

Hi @Nearhan . Which version of native-packer do you use? If you use a version below 1.2.x the "hacky piece" is the correct way of changing your systemloader implementation. See

If you use 1.2.0-M5 and enablePlugins(SystemdPlugin) as documented here ( please open an issue with a example build.sbt to reproduce this.

Srepfler Srdan
Aug 30 2016 23:04
does native packager docker properly traps system calls from host (propagate kill signal to service properly)?