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Jan 2017
Prashant Sharma
Jan 30 2017 05:41
Hi !, Can someone point me to some large open source projects using sbt-native-plugin ?
Christian Kaps
Jan 30 2017 06:22
@ScrapCodes Play Framework
Prashant Sharma
Jan 30 2017 06:36
Thanks a lot @akkie :) Currently, I was looking if there is a way to generate multiple scripts per main file ? In the default mode, it does not create a bin directory when multiple main classes are detected.
Prashant Sharma
Jan 30 2017 07:27
  • multiple scripts; one per main file ?
Milenko Jovanovic
Jan 30 2017 14:48
Hi guys, I have a problem while using sbt packager in the following sense: we are creating a debian package for which I need to override the init.d script,which is fine, I did it very easily, I just created src/templates/systemloader/systemv file and put inside appropriate bash script. The problem is that the bash script is now incorporated into the debian's post install script (which is sh script) and those two can't work together. Another issue is when trying now to override post install script (by creating /src/debian/DEBIAN and creating postinst file in it), init.d script is again incorporated into the resulting post install script. Can anyone help me with this? Version of the plugin is 1.2.0-M8 and we are using Play 2.5