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Feb 2017
G. Richard Bellamy
Feb 27 2017 02:17
I'm trying to pull in the aspectjweaver -javaagent switch in my startup script without having to use a custom template... however, when using either an application.ini or building it on-the-fly with javaOptions (e.g. javaOptions in Universal ++= Seq (s"-javaagent:$$lib_dir/org.aspectj.aspectjweaver-$aspectJWeaverVersion.jar") it's not working because the shell variable $lib_dir isn't being replaced during execution. Of course this is because of the way the opts=$(loadConfigFile "$script_conf_file") uses a subshell.
G. Richard Bellamy
Feb 27 2017 02:23
anybody have an idea of how I can make this work without hard-coding the path in my build.sbt?
G. Richard Bellamy
Feb 27 2017 02:28
yeah, of course I figured it out almost as soon as I asked here:
javaOptions in Universal ++= Seq(
  s"""-javaagent:$$(dirname "$$0")../lib/org.aspectj.aspectjweaver-$aspectJWeaverVersion.jar"""
not as robust as using the realpath function, but it'll work for almost all cases...
Nepomuk Seiler
Feb 27 2017 06:35
@rorygraves your build.sbt looks fine. sbt server/universal:packageBin should output a zip in server/target.
Thanks for sharing @rbellamy 😊
G. Richard Bellamy
Feb 27 2017 06:39
np @muuki88
Rory Graves
Feb 27 2017 06:48
@muuki88 Thanks, this was completely a PEBKAC error - I was looking under target/ not server/target for the generated files. Thanks
Nepomuk Seiler
Feb 27 2017 06:56
😂 np np. We all have these days
Feb 27 2017 13:16
Hi All! I have a play multi module build and want to have a docker image out of it. However running activator docker:publishLocal builds not only the aggregated image but also each module independently. How can I suppress the build of each module and have just the image of the aggregated project.
Adam Smith
Feb 27 2017 21:57
I am packaging an app into an RPM, and during RPM install attempting to change group assignment like so:
linuxPackageMappings := {
    val mappings = linuxPackageMappings.value
    mappings map { linuxPackage =>
        val newFileData = linuxPackage.fileData.copy(group = "newgroup")
        linuxPackage.copy(fileData = newFileData)
What will happen, if the group newgroup does not exist on the target platform? Is there a way to do a cascading group application, where if group A does not exist, it attempts to change to group B, etc?