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Jun 2017
Reynaldo Gil García
Jun 01 2017 10:42

Hi, I am trying to create a rpm from a scala lagom project. I added sbt-native-packager plugin and the rpm related stuff in build.sbt. When I run sbt rpm:packageBin I get many errors like:
[error] References to undefined settings:
[error] onlinediscountservice/configuration:bundleNrOfCpus from onlinediscountservice/configuration:nrOfCpusConfigName ((com.lightbend.conductr.sbt.BundlePlugin) BundlePlugin.scala:116)

Any idea about?

Dylan Lukes
Jun 01 2017 15:43
Hello all,
any suggestions on things to take a look at or consider for writing a new Plugin?
I'm looking at writing a plugin to build YAJSW (service wrapper) bundles based on the universal output.
I'm not sure what the best policy is for pulling in dependencies like that which are e.g. only on sourceforge.
Wojtek Pituła
Jun 01 2017 19:39
Hi guys, I have made 2 PRs, for 1st one sbt/sbt-native-packager#992 the travis build has timed out, so maybe someonce can retrigger it? 2nd one is waiting for reviewer:sbt/sbt-native-packager#993 So I would appreciate is someone can look at it(around 4 lines of changed code).
Btw what is the release cycle for this project? Assuming that they will be merged, when can I expect a release?