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Jul 2017
Jul 10 2017 07:39

Hey :)
I have a question about "implicit" functionality of Docker plugin in sbt-native-packager
Here is a code snippet of build.sbt:

    enablePlugins(JavaAppPackaging, DockerPlugin)
    mainClass in Compile := Some("com.example.Main"),
    packageName in Docker := "app-backend",
    version in Docker := "latest",
    dockerBaseImage := "openjdk:8",
    //even without the following line, the packaged app goes to the docker image
    //dockerPackageMappings := Seq((baseDirectory.value / "target" / "universal" / "stage", "/opt/docker/")),
    dockerExposedPorts := Seq(5000)

So as you see I'm confused that sbt-native-packager sends the recently created package of the app into the app-backend image.
Can you say what triggers this action?