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Aug 2017
Nepomuk Seiler
Aug 19 2017 06:32
You want to create one big distribution with multiple jars that all have their own main classes? One approach is definitely to depend on the discovered main classes. Another one would be to create a "launch module" which contains no code, but only the main classes or the discoveredMainClasses dependencies
Zachary Buhman
Aug 19 2017 12:42
does sbt-native-packager not exist in maven central?
Zachary Buhman
Aug 19 2017 12:53
Ahh, I guess it's on, and only 1.2.2-RC2 exists--confusing for noobs like me because the readme said 1.2.0
Yosef Fertel
Aug 19 2017 17:36
@muuki88 that’s exactly what I’d like to do! Having a bit of difficulty figuring out how to get accumulate all the discoveredMainClasses from dependant modules.