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Jan 2018
Jacob Janco
Jan 10 00:22
how do I go about signing a package
(gpg signing rpms)
Allan Renucci
Jan 10 14:13
Hi! I'd like to create a universal archive for a multi-module build. Unfortunately doc generation in one my subproject is broken. I don't want doc generation when generating this archive anyway. Is there a way to disable it? I am running root/universal:packageBin
Nepomuk Seiler
Jan 10 20:22
@jacobjanco this a very long standing issue: sbt/sbt-native-packager#162
@allanrenucci you'll have to override the doc task to do nothing. This is unfortunate, but one of the underlying task that native packager uses, triggers doc generation
Jacob Janco
Jan 10 22:22
@muuki88 off the top of your head is there any way to do this with regards to the native packager (i.e. defining macros) or with another sbt plugin? Or should I just exec the signing commands after everything is packaged?