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Feb 2018
Stephen Lazaro
Feb 05 2018 22:59

Hi folks, I'm trying to package a multi-module build, but I'm having issues where classes from one of my subprojects don't end in the output package.
My build definition lookds something like:

lazy val root = Project (
    id = projectName,
    base = file (".")
  ) .
  aggregate (jobA, scriptB, service, shared, remoteTests) .
  dependsOn(service, jobA, scriptB, shared) .
  settings (globalSettings: _*) .
  settings (rootSettings: _*)

lazy val shared = (project in file ("shared")) .
  configs (IntegrationTest) .
  settings (globalSettings: _*) .
  settings (subprojectSettings: _*) .
  settings (Seq (
    publishArtifact := false

lazy val service = (project in file("service")) .
  dependsOn (shared) .
  aggregate (shared) .
  configs (IntegrationTest) .
  enablePlugins (BuildInfoPlugin, LauncherJarPlugin) .
  settings (globalSettings: _*) .
  settings (subprojectSettings: _*) .
  settings (serviceSettings: _*) .
  settings (macroSettings: _*)

Code in service throws a ClassNotFound error when trying to use classes in shared. Anyone see what I'm doing wrong? All the settings variables not shared are only BuildInfo keys and library dependencies.

I'm sure it's obvious but I've been beating my head against the wall for a bit now...