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Sep 2015
Sep 01 2015 10:05
Is web-assets a scope axis or a task? inspect server/web-assets:filter::includeFilter shows */web-assets:filter::includeFilter as one of the delegates leading me to believe that web-assets is a scope. However, ivyConfigurations does not show web-assets as an element in the list.
Josh Suereth
Sep 01 2015 10:17
It's a configuration (scope axis = config)
And if its not in ivy configurations, that's because the plugin doesn't override projectConfigurations
Sep 01 2015 10:20

I see. I wonder how can I specify separate pipeline stages for production and (dev/test)?
Would doing

pipelineStages in run::assets := <prod-stages> 
pipelineStages in compile::assets := <dev-stages> 


Let me try that. btw, how does one get string representation for "stuff" when doing inspect inside sbt?
I want to see the value of Setting: scala.collection.Seq[sbt.TaskKey[scala.Function1[scala.collection.Seq[scala.Tuple2[, java.lang.String]], scala.collection.Seq[scala.Tuple2[, java.lang.String]]]]] = List(sbt.TaskKey$$anon$3@eb5fb7, sbt.TaskKey$$anon$3@119ecc4, sbt.TaskKey$$anon$3@e422c6)