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Apr 2016
Apr 08 2016 06:50
I am using sbt-web for providing assets to play framework rather than using the play plugin (using play framework as a plugin)
debugging inside play framework's codebase, it looks like web-stage is not enough for stuffing the resources into a from loadable as a resource at runtime, when running inside sbt.
What is the full array of commands brought into sbt by sbt-web?
What is the next one after web-stage, which is used for deploy?
Apr 08 2016 07:34
web-assets:assets also not enough it seems.
Play tries to classloader.getResource, but assets under target/web/stage and target/web/public are not enough for that, it may seem.

and I'm getting

Reference to undefined setting:  web-assets:packageBin

trying out

(managedClasspath in Runtime) += (packageBin in Assets).value

in build.sbt

Can anyone please comment about the last error message above? this should be easy...
Am I missing some import in build.sbt for getting Assets into the build definition???
Many thanks!!