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Jul 2017
Zizheng Tai
Jul 31 2017 20:54
Is anyone using sbt-web with sbt-jshint? I'm getting a strange error. sbt-jshint explains _.contains is not a function, which means the lodash version is not right. I checked my project/target/node-modules/webjars folder and confirmed the correct version (3.7.0) of lodash is in there. However, when I print out the version of lodash in the jshint source, I got 4.16.6. I don't know why sbt-jshint is not using 3.7.0 from the webjars, and where the 4.16.6 comes from...
James Ward
Jul 31 2017 21:50
You probably need to set the lodash dep in your project/plugins.sbt
because there are different classpaths for the root project and the root's root project.
Zizheng Tai
Jul 31 2017 23:37
can you give an example?