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Oct 2017
Matthew de Detrich
Oct 15 2017 00:59
@jroper Thanks for the tips, will look into it tomorrow
Matthew de Detrich
Oct 15 2017 09:21
@jroper Just tried it, unfortunately that didn’t help
Using getResources on ”public”,"public/client-fastopt.js” and "public/stylesheets/5f59caadb44c8d720a2a5d9fc948eed0-main.css” find the location (which is actually the same location of the .jar that I was unzipping before)
Stuff like printResources("public/8582ad69409ecf661cc901a281d8a30c-client-fastopt.js”) still fails though
So the web-assets jar is definitely on the class path
element for public: jar:file:/var/folders/9l/z3wrf4_96cv3kzdg7lp65vr40000gn/T/sbt_5e295d02/target/e741039c/server_2.12-0.1-SNAPSHOT-web-assets.jar!/public
I will make an issue on sbt-digest, someone else may be able to help diagnose this problem better
Oh speak of the devil, I think I found the issue
@nafg You there?
Matthew de Detrich
Oct 15 2017 09:27
Seems like its a bug with sbt-web
Matthew de Detrich
Oct 15 2017 09:35
@jroper So yeah seems like I have found the bug, sbt-digest is generating mappings incorrectly
Matthew de Detrich
Oct 15 2017 10:38
@jroper @nafg @jamesward I have fixed the bug, PR is at sbt/sbt-digest#29 containing an explanation
@jroper Can you let me know when you publish a new version?
James Ward
Oct 15 2017 16:28
Nice work @mdedetrich!