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May 2015
May 04 2015 01:59
@jsuereth why is sbt setting metaspace?
Jacek Laskowski
May 04 2015 11:35
Is there any work to make commands command useable, i.e. make List(sbt.SimpleCommand@4ed2dced, sbt.SimpleCommand@7a9fb1a4, sbt.SimpleCommand@43ac1f2) human-readable?
Does sbt need it more than I can imagine?
just wondering how much time to devote to it (tried it once already so been…burnt once twice shy…now :))
Josh Suereth
May 04 2015 12:42
help commands is what you should use
commands is the setting, and the toString of a command object is bad. That can/should be improved for "SimpelCommand" i think
but it's not the intended use of that setting
Jacek Laskowski
May 04 2015 17:40
thanks @jsuereth
when you say “that can/should be improved” - is there an issue filed already or should one be?
Josh Suereth
May 04 2015 17:55
you can file one if you want, yeah.
Jacek Laskowski
May 04 2015 18:22
Dale Wijnand
May 04 2015 20:30

@jsuereth what do you think of simply

override def toString = s"SimpleCommand($name)"


Josh Suereth
May 04 2015 23:23
a good idea. I've randomnly been throwing toString's into sbt for this reason :)