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Sep 2015
Sep 07 2015 10:12
How is the -= operator in SBT 0.13.9 supposed to be used? The following does not work:
[server] $ set testOptions in Test -= Tests.Argument( "-blahblah" )
<set>:1: error: value -= is not a member of sbt.TaskKey[Seq[sbt.TestOption]]
testOptions in Test -= Tests.Argument( "-blahblah" )
[error] Type error in expression
[server] $ sbtVersion
[info] client/*:sbtVersion
[info]  0.13.9
[info] server/*:sbtVersion
[info]  0.13.9
[server] $ 
Dale Wijnand
Sep 07 2015 10:48
> set testOptions in Test -= Tests.Argument("-blah")
[info] Defining test:testOptions
[info] The new value will be used by test:test::testOptions, test:testOnly::testOptions, test:testQuick::testOptions
[info] Reapplying settings...
[info] Set current project to t (in build file:/Users/dnw/Desktop/t-2015-09-07.1147/)
> sbtVersion
[info] 0.13.9
if you can post a minimised reproduction I can try and dig into it
Sep 07 2015 13:16
@dwijnand : It seems that the problem is related to a plugin: ( If you'd still like to dig-in, here's my most minimal repro:
git clone 
cd SbtMinus

In fact, if your launcher jar is 0.13.9, create a project/plugins.sbt with the following two lines:

resolvers += Resolver.sonatypeRepo("releases")

addSbtPlugin( "net.ground5hark.sbt" % "sbt-concat"  % "0.1.8" )

and try doing a -= in the directory outside of project.

Dominic Black
Sep 07 2015 14:42
I've got a task (A) being used in another task B, but inside a FileFunctions.cache statement. Task A is always being called, even though B's file cache doesn't need to execute, I'm sure I'm referencing A wrongly but I'm not sure how to do it correctly:
taskB := {  FileFunctions.cache(....) { _ => ...      val a = A.value ... } }
Sep 07 2015 16:22
DomBlack, that's not how it works
DomBlack, if you use value within a task, the prerequisite is always called
DomBlack, you need to use something like taskDyn perhaps
Richard Gomes
Sep 07 2015 16:48
hello. What would be a good way to create, say "shortcuts"? For example, instead of "> SubModuleWithInsaneMonstruousName/myConfig:run arg0 arg1" I would like to type simply "> myConfig:run args0 arg1". I've tried to define a config which depends on SubModuleWithInsaneMonstruousName but it is not inheriting settins such as fullClasspath, for example. Any ideas?
Sep 07 2015 17:09
frgomes, use an alias
Richard Gomes
Sep 07 2015 17:16
pfn: I will try. Thanks a lot :)
Richard Gomes
Sep 07 2015 17:50
pfn: Yeah! it works fine. It was a matter of defining the aliases I need. Thanks a lot :)