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Oct 2015
Mike Slinn
Oct 04 2015 15:29
Does the sbt :imports command still work with SBT 0.13.8/9? I cannot get any output from it using sbt console.
Oct 04 2015 18:02
huh, what's .sbt file evaluation order, I thought it's alphabetical?
Dale Wijnand
Oct 04 2015 18:03
Oct 04 2015 18:03
hmm, weird, for some reason my inProjectScope() function isn't working, thought it might be evaluation order, but still, somehow it occurs before my projects are created
(so project settings override stuff defined in the inProjectScope settings)
Oct 04 2015 18:44
hmm, I think I understand the problem now
bare settings in .sbt are loaded into a base.settings list first
then projects are loaded
then bare.settings ++ projects.settings are all evaluated
so bare.settings get overwritten by projects.settings
Oct 04 2015 23:59
@jsuereth @pfn many thanks. I got it working.