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Oct 2015
N.S. Cutler
Oct 16 2015 07:57
Getting "Overlapping output directories" sbt error with custom target (/tmp/sbt/) and Scala.js' crossProject
crossProject is used in Scala.js to share sources between js and jvm projects
Error does not occur when using sbt default compile target.
Overlapping output directories:/tmp/sbt/foo:
[error]     ProjectRef(file:/home/me/path/to/project/,fooJS)
[error]     ProjectRef(file:/home/me/path/to/project/,fooJVM)
N.S. Cutler
Oct 16 2015 08:04
Why does this occur with a custom compile target, but not the default target? More importantly, how can I get a custom compile target working with Scala.js' crossProject? In all other cases custom compile target works seamlessly with sbt.
Grzegorz Slowikowski
Oct 16 2015 08:59
Hi. Is there a way to use SBT in batch mode (noninteractive)? sbt-remote-control project seems to be not ready for use yet. I'm forking SBT process from Maven to execute some SBT tasks. I would love to be able to execute SBT in batch mode.
Srepfler Srdan
Oct 16 2015 09:21

hi all, if I have a dependency which is a zip, can I somehow get a file reference on it?

"com.comodo.lib" % "lib-zip" % versions.libZip artifacts(Artifact("lib-zip", "type", "zip")),

as I would like to pass that to the sbt native packager mapper

mappings in Universal := Seq(
  file("").getCanonicalFile() -> "lib/"
Srepfler Srdan
Oct 16 2015 09:31
or, is there a way for example rather than using the libraryDependencies to just fetch the zip and put it on a known location somewhere in the project
Simeon H.K. Fitch
Oct 16 2015 14:32
Is there a task key, similar to initialize that is called at startup, and can therefore call other tasks? I'm trying to do this, but results in a setting depending on a task (which is not allowed):
initialize := { initialize.value; javaVersionCheck.value }
Dale Wijnand
Oct 16 2015 14:56
I'm sure it will come back to bite you, but buildStructure is a task
Dan Di Spaltro
Oct 16 2015 23:08
I enabled debug on my build and this line prints a ton Running task... Cancel: Null, check cycles: false, forcegc: true