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Nov 2015
Andrea Peruffo
Nov 12 2015 07:56

Hi guys, within a multi project sbt I need to execute a sub project task before a compile task of another sub project without including the dependency, something like:

(compile in Compile) <<= (compile in Compile) dependsOn (
someOtherProject.compile in Compile)

how can I achieve this?

João Ferreira
Nov 12 2015 10:08
@pfn thx for the suggestion, but I was looking for a way to change the dependsOn only, instead of having to support 2.10
Sascha Kolberg
Nov 12 2015 13:51
Hi, I'm using Specs2 2.4.17 in a MultiProject trying to generate a a global html index of specifications in <root>/target/specs2-reports using the function org.specs2.runner.SpecificationsFinder.specifications.
Tor the most part this is working greatly. However, there is one sub-project where I'm testing Slick, which I need to fork in Test := true.
This setting has the effect that the reports for the mentioned sub-project are generated in <root>/<sub-project>/target/specs2-reports instead of <root>/target/specs2-reports.
Also, the junit xml reports are written to the sub-project target: <root>/<sub-project>/target/test-reports.
Is this intended?
Is there a simple way to redirect test reports of forked tests to the desired target folder?
Nov 12 2015 17:20
@jtjeferreira I don't think there's a good method... you can use a transforming build loader, but it's really terrible
João Ferreira
Nov 12 2015 18:04
thx @pfn is not worth the trouble :)