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Dec 2015
Dec 02 2015 03:08
eh, dropWhile and take and lastOption is shorter
scala> Seq("a", "b", "c", "-encoding", "d", "e").dropWhile(_ != "-encoding").take(2).lastOption
res0: Option[String] = Some(d)
imo, also simpler, and these are all O(n)
Dec 02 2015 07:39
Heh, I never knew about collectFirst
Dec 02 2015 09:48
Hi, how do you merge webapp directories in multiproject setup with version 2 of xsbt web plugin? The author said I should use webappPostProcess to copy all of my webapp resources into the target webapp directory. Do you know how?
Grzegorz Slowikowski
Dec 02 2015 09:57
Thank you for your help with the encoding discovery. I have some SBT-specific questions now:
  • what is the default value of scalacOptions? empty Seq()?
  • how can I check (scalacOptions in (Compile)).value in my SBT plugin code (cannot use .value)?
  • should I check scalacOptions in (Compile) or scalacOptions in (Compile, compile), what's the difference?
  • I had to change
    lazy val coverageSourceEncoding = settingsKey[Option[String]]("source file encoding")
    lazy val coverageSourceEncoding = taskKey[Option[String]]("source file encoding")
    to compile
      coverageSourceEncoding := (scalacOptions in (Compile)).value.sliding(2).collectFirst { case Seq("-encoding", encoding) => encoding }
    I don't understand, why settingsKeyis wrong type here.
Miles Sabin
Dec 02 2015 10:13
I'm seeing certificate errors attempting to resolve via bintray this morning ... anyone else?
> update
[info] Updating {file:/home/miles/projects/kittens/}coreJVM...
[info] Resolving org.typelevel#alleycats-core_2.11;0.1.3-SNAPSHOT ...
[error] Server access Error: No subject alternative DNS name matching found. url=
eugene yokota
Dec 02 2015 10:28
@milessabin I get 404 from's Artifactory trying to hit the URL
Miles Sabin
Dec 02 2015 10:29
My problem seems to have been transient.
eugene yokota
Dec 02 2015 10:31
maybe it went away because you now have the right jar in your ivy cache. it's weird that one server's 404 is returning from another host even if it's all redirection magic
Dec 02 2015 16:00
huh, libraryDependencies += moduleID from "file://..." doesn't work properly, it only checks local and fails
oh, seems to have been fixed between 0.13.8 and 0.13.9