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Dec 2015
Mike Mazur
Dec 11 2015 03:06
Thanks @jsuereth and @SethTisue — both useful bits of info.
I have a build.sbt file which contains a bunch of tasks. The simplest of these generates some files on disk in my target/ dir. Whenever I run this single task, though, there’s also project/target/ and project/project/target/ directories created. Where do these come from? Are they expected, or should all the stuff in them actually be in target/?
Mike Mazur
Dec 11 2015 03:23
I should have searched the web longer, looks like that’s addressed on StackOverflow:
Dec 11 2015 16:31
Hi, is there a way to specify a credentials file from ".sbtopts" that repos set by "sbt.repository.config" will use? I'd like my credentialed proxy to be used even when sbt is first booting up and grabbing its dependencies
eugene yokota
Dec 11 2015 23:28
per header, Heiko once wrote a plugin for that -