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Mar 2016
Mar 04 2016 05:15
Hi everyone!
I am new to this project. I am setting up development environment. I compiled Akka source code successfully. However, while running test cases, I am getting below exception. java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace. I am not able to figure out where to set metaspace size for SBT. Can anyone help me in resolving this? Thank you
Erik LaBianca
Mar 04 2016 05:39
@poojadshende You can set sbt options with the SBT_OPTS environment variable, typically. A lot of people use which supports options in a .jvmopts file.
Mar 04 2016 05:55
@easel Thank You for your reply. I was setting MaxMetaSpaceSize flag in .sbtopts file. I wrote 'java -Xmx1536M -Xss1M -XX:+CMSClassUnloadingEnabled -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=512m' in .sbtopts file And I kept this file in current akka directory. But I got error that MaxMetaSpaceSize is not valid key. So should I use .jvmopts file instead of .sbtopts? And is the file content in my .sbtopts file correct?
Mar 04 2016 06:24
if you run sbt test does it also compile your source code? Or does it create a separate test jar to run? I was wondering if I could run both compile and test at the same time
Matthew de Detrich
Mar 04 2016 06:24
@vito-c It compiles your source code first, then runs a test
Mar 04 2016 06:25
k thanks
what about sbt compile and then sbt test it wouldn't re-compile for no good reason right?
Matthew de Detrich
Mar 04 2016 06:26
Yes, if the code is compiled, test will detect that and it won’t recompile
sbt will only compile code if necessary
so sbt test will not uselessly recompile our src code. If you do a compile and then a test, the test will just immediately run
Priyanka Chordia
Mar 04 2016 06:38
@mdedetrich did sbt compile and it compiled without any error but it is giving error in sbt test
Vyatcheslav Suharnikov
Mar 04 2016 07:16

Hi! Is there a function, that transforms PathFinder? For example, i have:

val xs = (base / "foo" / "bar.js") +++
         (base / "baz" ** "*.tpl.*")

Can i do something like this:

val xs = ("foo" / "bar.js") +++
         ("baz" ** "*.tpl.*")
xs map { base / _}

? I haven't found yet :(

Mar 04 2016 09:06
Disk - describes a task’s filesystem utilization.
so what does 1 mean in this context it's going to use one file system? I am guess it's related to disk io? but what does 1 mean or 2 mean? 2 mbs?
Mathias Sulser
Mar 04 2016 13:32
is there a commonly agreed name for a linting task?
Dale Wijnand
Mar 04 2016 13:34
not that I've seen
I've used lint in the past
Thurston Sandberg
Mar 04 2016 19:23
quick question: when publishing a project, if I want to tell users of my library they need to provide one of my dependencies themselves (ie if my library is an enhancement to the java Cassandra driver, I want to tell people to provide their own version of the library) do I just need to add % “provided”?
Mar 04 2016 20:47
so does anyone know what the Tags Disk limitation integer values represent?