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Mar 2016
Cédric Gourlay
Mar 18 2016 10:04

Hi guys; what is the cause of this kind of error?

[error] (compile:compileIncremental) java.lang.StackOverflowError

When I checked last log; I saw a lot of loop in type checker.. does it means the compiler can't infer correctly the type?

Mar 18 2016 10:21
it probably means that the compile has a bug
You can create type level code that needs a lot of stack until the point where it blows it but you probably didn't do that.
Cédric Gourlay
Mar 18 2016 10:44
I updated my sbtconf to increase the stack size and it compiles now.. but I'm wondering how this works
I try to indicate each type actually
Tim Harper
Mar 18 2016 11:11
@kidi I've done that with recursive types before
Cédric Gourlay
Mar 18 2016 11:23
@timcharper yep I got some...
Srepfler Srdan
Mar 18 2016 18:30
does sbt dependencyUpdates checks also plugin updates or only dependencies?
Nedumaran Rajagopal
Mar 18 2016 19:08
Looking for tutorial on sbt-release plugin especially around/dealing integration builds/releases. Any thoughts?
Peter LaValle
Mar 18 2016 19:23

I made an AutoPlugin. I'm running it in my root-project just fine.
I want to get the results of running it in aggregate(...)'ed projects.

So I think I need the sbt.ResolvedProject for these sub projects? How do I get that?