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Apr 2016
is there a reason that would prevent fixing the compilation warnings in sbt-interface/0.13.11 ?
it's reaaaaally annoying to have pages and pages of warnings
Dale Wijnand
Apr 02 2016 10:56
What's sbt-interface?
Oh right the compiler interface...
If my understanding is correct it needs to keep compatibility with old versions of Scala to work.. So it's got deprecation warnings I guess?
mostly stuff which can be fixed with language imports
mostly implicit conversions
I can't even find the source of it.
it just magically appears in build/ during a scala build
any ideas where the source code lives?
There are no language imports for Scala 2.8 maybe even 2.9
In 0.13
So that's not going to work
Miles Sabin
Apr 02 2016 11:23
Language imports are just values which are imported. A compatibility library which adds (some of) them to 2.9 or earlier wouldn't be hard.
Dale Wijnand
Apr 02 2016 11:24
Yeah, true.
does sbt 0.13 still support scala 2.8/2.9?
I think the usages of error have been rewritten to sys.error so wouldn't have that broken old Scala versions, too?
Alan Johnson
Apr 02 2016 13:01
when i get eviction warnings, is there an easy way to actually see a mapping of dependencies and the conflicting library version they depend on? evicted seems to just print the two pieces of information separately and leaves it up to me to chase down all the info manually
it would also be cool to have a task that can check whether there are updates available to resolve conflicts
Apr 02 2016 13:10
there are sbt-dependencygraph and sbt-updates
you can also take a look at target/resolution-cache/reports
Alan Johnson
Apr 02 2016 13:11
will try those, thanks