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May 2016
May 04 2016 18:36
do AutoPlugins get segregated in different projects? i.e. is there any sort of classloader isolation happening?
I have a synchronized block on one of my plugins objects, but it doesn't seem to take effect
Josh Suereth
May 04 2016 19:55
There is no AutoPlugin classloader separation
there is no classloader separation
Keys in sbt HAVE to have unique types, and be able to share types with each other
which forces them all to be loaded in the same classloader (or share classloaders for common keys)
Basically splitting classloaders would be quite hard
Josh Suereth
May 04 2016 20:07
Primarily, because it would be annoying as hell for plugin authors, especially if you ever wanted to use a shared key
BUT, it's still something that may need to happen