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May 2016
Edmondo Porcu
May 29 2016 06:09
so I simply have a project in file ("folder/blah") and inside folder/blah I have a build.sbt and this wil load its children proejcts @gavares
Edmondo Porcu
May 29 2016 06:38
thanks @gavares Grant that works great, now the question is how do I share settings among all my projects, including nested ones? I tried placing a Common.scala in <root>/project/ but when I try to access in <root>/module1/build.sbt it is not visible
Daniyar Itegulov
May 29 2016 10:46
Hello, can I specify some custom executables in sbt? I’m writing a distributed system and want to run a lot of instances of application (with different entry points) in separate JVMs. Currently I use my IDE’s functionality to achieve nearly that, but I’d prefer to do it in sbt.
Dale Wijnand
May 29 2016 13:33
Do you mean runMain?
Edmondo Porcu
May 29 2016 13:34
@itegulov what are some custom executables? You can create custom tasks for sure and the run them
you can name them, you can have a task called launchServer, one called launchClient, etc etc. or you just write some bash scripts to do sbt run "com.blah.myclass"
May 29 2016 14:54
Hi all, a quick question. I was wondering, what is the difference to having .sbt file in (project root)/.sbt compared to (project root)/project/.sbt. Currently trying to get a particular task done and I keep running into different suggestions on where the .sbt should be but none has mentioned yet what the difference would be depending on if the *.sbt is placed in either of the two locations
Dale Wijnand
May 29 2016 15:07
so to define your build (name, what scala version, compile flags, library dependencies) you use build.sbt at the root of your repository, a file such as project/plugins.sbt instead is typically used to define plugins for your build code, which are basically library dependencies but not for your code - for your build. This is typically referred to as the meta-build.
Matthew Pocock
May 29 2016 15:53
So assuming I have sbt-docker in my build, is there a way within an sbt task to create a docker image, spin up an instance of it, then run the project's build cycle and then spin-down that instance?
I want to build a project against a dockerised database image, and have sbt manage the database image.
I could put the database image build in its own sbt project if that simplifies things
Dale Wijnand
May 29 2016 16:39
I'm not sure if sbt-docker can spin up database docker images but in theory yes
May 29 2016 20:06
I think I've got a solution for documentation failing, as in cats. Any ideas on the release schedule for 0.13.12?