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Jun 2016
Rohit Raj
Jun 09 2016 04:50
Hi I am new to scala
How can i create a SBT project in Scala IDE
Jun 09 2016 08:24
Is it possible to publish a pure java module? (With no scala compatible version appended to the artifactId, and no scala-library in the dependencies of the generated pom)
Vadim Chelyshov
Jun 09 2016 09:05
crossVersion := CrossVersion.Disabled
publishArtifact in (Assembly, packageScala) := false
Jun 09 2016 09:09
error: not found: value Assembly
Vadim Chelyshov
Jun 09 2016 09:18
Jun 09 2016 09:24
@dos65 It works great. :+1:
Jun 09 2016 10:20
not found: value main error is thrown in "hello, World" play project,

package controllers

import play.api._
import play.api.mvc._

class Application extends Controller {
def index = Action {
Ok("Hello world")



@(message: String)

@main("Welcome to Play") {

<h1>"Hello, World"</h1>

Simeon H.K. Fitch
Jun 09 2016 20:29
@sowmyamoracle What's the error (and can you please format it with markdown)?
Eric K Richardson
Jun 09 2016 22:08
Hi @RohitRaj2017, I think if you 1. install sbt ( and follow the link for "simple hello world" and create the app and then 2. follow the instructions for the eclipse plugin ( And then do the following steps. Start sbt in the directory of your hello app and then type eclipse to create the project files. Then open ScalaIDE and import the hello project. I know this is allot but it will be worth it. Reading the two links will give you a ton more info. Hopefully this will get you close. Let us know how it goes.