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Jun 2016
Josh Marcus
Jun 14 2016 01:46
is there any way to customize the compile order of files (e.g. not alphabetical)?
Marcin Cylke
Jun 14 2016 07:10
Hi all, I've got a problem with creating packages using native-packager. From time to time I keep getting FileNotFoundException on universal:packageBin even though the mentioned file actually exists. It seems like some kind of race condition
Eric K Richardson
Jun 14 2016 14:11
@milessabin I sort of gave up for now - it downloads everything except the compiler-interface. I was just trying to check out the Windows console ^J problem for @eed3si9n .
Edmondo Porcu
Jun 14 2016 18:34
Hello , I am struggling in understanding scopes in plugins. I have a plugin which defines internally a task called generate, but then if I inspect it in my build is protobuf:protobufGenerate
Fayi Femi-Balogun
Jun 14 2016 21:36

Hi, when i run something like sbt “run -http.port=:7000” it works fine but if i change run to test, so sbt "test -http.port=:7000”, I get

[error] Expected ID character
[error] Not a valid command: test (similar: set, last, exit)
[error] Expected project ID
[error] Expected configuration
[error] Expected ':' (if selecting a configuration)
[error] Expected key
[error] Expected '::'
[error] Expected end of input.
[error] test -http.port=:7000
[error]     ^

What am i doing wrong?