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Aug 2016
Aug 26 2016 09:36
Hello guys,
I was wondering if there's a easy way to copy the provided dependencies (and their transitive dependencies) to folder.
I was able to copy all of the dependencies but what I really want is to copy the provided ones only.
Fran├žois Garillot
Aug 26 2016 14:41
Hi guys,
I was thinking of building/testing/releasing a project that depends both on Scala and Spark. I already build/test/release it for multiple versions of Scala, no problem there (crossScalaVersions is completely fine)
But would you know of any tool / feature / plugin that would let me do that for several versions of Spark as well ?
(the release of the breaking version 2.0.0 is of course at the root of this need)
Aug 26 2016 15:28
there isn't, really
@huitseeker ^^