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Sep 2016
Edmondo Porcu
Sep 01 2016 05:29
Hello, we have a problem when using multi-module projects and a root aggregate. Namely, in some modules we have application.conf file in resources and when we run test from each of submodules it works fine. However, when we run test on the aggregate project it loads the wrong application.conf. Seems like running test on the aggregate project aggregates classpath at least from resource loading point of view
Grzegorz Slowikowski
Sep 01 2016 10:01
Hi. How can I get all aggregates of the current project in my command? Project.extract(state).structure.allProjectRefs returns all projects, but I need only current subtree.
Sep 01 2016 15:44
@gslowikowski there's a projectref.dependencies or some such
@gslowikowski walk that tree yourself
@gslowikowski extracted.currentRef.dependencies
Sep 01 2016 19:29
sbt.Init$RuntimeUndefined: References to undefined settings at runtime.
        at sbt.Init$class.sbt$Init$$handleUndefined(Settings.scala:506)
Sep 01 2016 20:11
you probably didn't set credentials for the correct realm
and/or host