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Oct 2016
Alexander Ray
Oct 07 2016 09:11
Hi, which sbt setting sets the name within '[]' like '[web]' below? web und scalaJS projects seems to be equal, but sbt highlights only '[web]' project.
> name
[info] orientdb-flow
> projects
[info] In file:/Users/alexanderray/Developer/orientdb-flow/
[info]   * root
[info]     scalaJS
[info]     sharedJSJS
[info]     sharedJSJVM
[info]     web
[info] In git://
[info]     orientdb-migrations
> project web
[info] Set current project to web (in build file:...)
> name
[info] web
[web] $ project scalaJS
[info] Set current project to scalaJS (in build file:...)
> name
[info] scalaJS
Oct 07 2016 14:20
Hey, from top of your head: in multi-project build, how to disable an old non-auto plugin selectevely for certain projects?
Oct 07 2016 15:09
@RomanIakovlev, you don't, you don't apply the settings for it
Chris Martin
Oct 07 2016 18:32
Can someone help me configure this npmPackageTask to NOT run when I’m running tests?
    unmanagedResourceDirectories in Compile += baseDirectory.value / "target/npm",
    (unmanagedResources in Compile) <<= (unmanagedResources in Compile) dependsOn npmPackageTask
Chris Martin
Oct 07 2016 18:38
Or a better way to state it: I’d like to only run that task and include that resource directory when I’m creating a package. ;)
Chris Martin
Oct 07 2016 19:19
figured out a way btw. I just depend on that npm task from my packaging task. Duh ;)
G. Richard Bellamy
Oct 07 2016 20:13
I've got a one-off plugin that seems to be breaking my ability to set the logLevel in the sbt console:
[aergo-server] $ set logLevel := Level.Debug
<set>:0: error: not found: object $bfd4e95bb7ae5994eeea
import $bfd4e95bb7ae5994eeea.aergo$minusserver
[error] Type error in expression
when I remove the plugin from the project, I don't get that error...
I welcome any insight into why this is b0rked
Devis Lucato
Oct 07 2016 20:26

I checked out and ran "sbt package". I can see only a build for 2.11 though, it should cross compile to 2.11 and 2.10. Any suggestion?

scalaVersion := "2.11.7",

crossScalaVersions := Seq("2.10.6", "2.11.7"),

Dale Wijnand
Oct 07 2016 21:31
sbt +package
@rbellamy can you share the one-off plugin?
Devis Lucato
Oct 07 2016 22:03
@dwijnand thanks, 1 byte can make a difference
Oct 07 2016 23:03
@rbellamy usually because of a desync in some cached file names, rm -rf target project/target and try again