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Nov 2016
Nov 28 2016 12:14
Hello, anybody know how I can skip tests for all submodules without listing them one by one?
Filippo De Luca
Nov 28 2016 19:16
Hello everyone, is it possible to run test based on specs2 and scalatest in the same project?
G. Richard Bellamy
Nov 28 2016 20:41
this is a question about sbt and scripted-sbt: when I run sbt on my CI server, I pass it settings targeting a custom path to my .ivy2 directory via command line arguments - which sbt-scripted ignores in the sbt-test build.sbt - how can I ensure the scripted test uses the same command line arguments?
G. Richard Bellamy
Nov 28 2016 21:28
for those that are interested in the answer to my question above:
scriptedLaunchOpts ++= sys.process.javaVmArguments.filter(
  a => Seq("-Xmx", "-Xms", "-XX", "-Dsbt.ivy.home", "", "", "-Dsbt.log.noformat").exists(a.startsWith)
Dale Wijnand
Nov 28 2016 21:29
Nov 28 2016 22:58
Hi, I have this codebase which embeds html within Scala. If I build the project within Intellij, everything works out fine. I am now trying to run the project via sbt, but an sbt compile gives various funky errors relating to xml literals: e.g in XML literal: in XML content, please use '}}' to express '}' Any ideas on how to fix this?
Nov 28 2016 23:02
different compiler options? classpath?
compiler version?
Nov 28 2016 23:09
Fixed. Had to include scala-xml