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Dec 2016
Nayana Hettiarachchi
Dec 03 2016 08:17
i am debugging an issue with existing sbt plugin, so after reading the sbt documentation i decided to put the plugin source in /project/my-plugin but it's not clear how do i tell sbt to load the plugin, i tried putting addSbtPlugin and then it tries to look for this plugin in other repos. and i didn't see the plugin which is available as an unmanaged source being included in side when i typed plugins in sbt
> sbtBinaryVersion
[info] 0.13
Ryan Williams
Dec 03 2016 16:00
my project has crossScalaVersions := Seq("2.10.6", "2.11.8”); is there a way to set a setting only when the 2.10.6 is being run?
Dale Wijnand
Dec 03 2016 16:12
yeah, define things in terms of scalaVersion.value
Shane Delmore
Dec 03 2016 19:40
This isn't an sbt specific question, but hoping someone here can help. I setup a local install of artifactory, and am proxying everything through it (or trying) but when I go offline, purge my ivy cache, then do sbt update it fails to download sbt plugins. I believe they are different somehow, but am not sure how to add a remote-repo to artifactory that will cache plugins.
Dale Wijnand
Dec 03 2016 20:23
is it an ivy repo?
are you proxying
Shane Delmore
Dec 03 2016 20:47
I am, but not sure I am proxying them correctlly.
In artifactory I have it setup as an sbt proxy, not ivy.
But don't actually know what an sbt repo is vs an ivy or maven repo.
Dale Wijnand
Dec 03 2016 21:44
I don't either
Shane Delmore
Dec 03 2016 21:45
Thanks for looking. Maybe running private repos isn't that common.
It was recommended to me by someone after asking about doing something like
But really, I don't want my own repository, I would just love to be able to vendor repos and only go outside of my project to look for them when I say sbt update
Anything like that being planned for sbt 1.0?
Dale Wijnand
Dec 03 2016 22:33