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Dec 2016
Todd O'Bryan
Dec 31 2016 00:01
Probably a dumb question, but I have a task that does some bytecode enhancement. That task correctly depends on compiling, but when I try to run test, the classes get re-compiled, so the bytecode enhancement disapppears. How do I re-define test so that it depends on my task (rather than compile) and then runs all the tests?
this will prolly help
Dec 31 2016 19:49
How am I able to cross-build a project with multiple modules if I want different cross-build versions between the modules. I currently have crossScalaVersions := Seq("2.10.5", "2.11.8") in one module and crossScalaVersions :=Seq("2.11.8", "2.12.1") in the other but when I attempt to run +test on the root project (no aggregate or dependsOn), it will attempt to resolve dependencies for 2.10 in the second module.