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Jan 2017
Jan 02 2017 13:03

I can't figure out how to add test-dependencies to my subproject...


def aLibs = Seq("org.some" %% "valid-artifact" % "1.2.3")
def bLibs = Seq("org.that" %% "has-artifact" % "4.5.6")
def testing = Seq("org.scalatest" %% "scalatest" % scalaTestVersion % Test)

def a = aLibs ++ testing
def b = bLibs ++ testing


lazy val a ="."))
  .settings(libraryDependencies ++= Dependencies.a)

lazy val b ="b"))
  .settings(libraryDependencies ++= Dependencies.b)

For some reason libraryDependencies for project "a" shows scalatest (in both compile and test) while project "b" doesn't show scalatest for either, but it shows the other dependency

Never mind! I'm an idiot :)
As so often I just needed a rubber duck to figure out my error :)