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Feb 2017
Chandra Sekhar Kode
Feb 15 2017 04:58
can i set dependencyPath in Compile inside a task ?
dependencyClasspath in Compile := (dependencyClasspath in Compile).value.filterNot(f => {
  println("platform-config-ios") })
this is working fine when its outside task ..
Andrea Peruffo
Feb 15 2017 10:07
since it is under SBT organization is sbt-release anyhow discontinued?
Julien Richard-Foy
Feb 15 2017 14:08
I was unable to fix this issue, can someone give me some hint?
I have a task that depends on a task that depends on a task.
I tried with a dynamic task but that didn’t change anything :(
Here is more information about the error messages I get:
Julien Richard-Foy
Feb 15 2017 14:15
I understand that the second one should not work
But I don’t understand why the first one fails
Any idea?
Feb 15 2017 17:43
@julienrf because it must be known at compile time, a valid, direct reference
it can't be a variable
taskDyn can help
Julien Richard-Foy
Feb 15 2017 17:43
ah, is there a solution? (thanks for your help, by the way!)
fix the types as appropriate to turn it back into an InputTask if that's what you actually need
Julien Richard-Foy
Feb 15 2017 17:54
What is the change actually? The use of <<=?
I think the fix constists in separating the definition of the r task from its .value call, right?
thanks a lot!
Feb 15 2017 18:00
no, the change for <<= is because of not having .inputTaskValue
it's separating the use of val r from the .evaluated/value call
Feb 15 2017 20:06
hmm, is tools.jar available on sbt classpath?
Jameel Al-Aziz
Feb 15 2017 20:40
Is it possible to access the build definition classpath from within a plugin?
We have our own plugin for running SoyParseInfoGenerator from closure-templates. The issue is that when upgraded, we realized SoyParseInfoGenerator was changed to run System.exit() when it ends, killing the sbt session. In order to get around that, I'm now using However, to get the classpath I'm using classOf[SoyParseInfoGenerator].getClassLoader.asInstanceOf[], but it doesn't seem to be the most elegant way of handling this.
Feb 15 2017 20:59
hmm, how do I compose Def.Initialize[State => sbt.complete.Parser[Option[String]]] together
oh well, I took the lazy approach and just made it a single parser