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Mar 2017
Ashic Mahtab
Mar 04 2017 10:25
I've got some integration tests (in it) that run fine on our machines, but fail on the build server, the key difference being that the build server has only two cores. Is there a way to force sbt it:test to be limited to two cores?
Felix Dietze
Mar 04 2017 11:09
@ashic In many test frameworks you can specify that the tests should not be run in parallel
Ashic Mahtab
Mar 04 2017 11:55
@fdietze this is not a case of different tests running over each other, rather of what's happening inside one test.
Randy Harmon
Mar 04 2017 15:50
Hi all. I'm using a macro that references a text file as part of its functionality, and I want SBT to understand this dependency - recompiling the .scala file when the text changes. I suspect that the sbt primitives probably make this possible/easy, but I'm finding the docs to be obscure enough that I don't see how to do it. Any guidance?