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Mar 2017
Rafal Wachol
Mar 09 2017 02:12
@ritschwumm i think that sbt new creates only new projects from github, it cannot scaffold (at least if project you scaffolded doesn't include scaffolds) . What I'm talking about is creating clean project and them being able to download scaffold templates. In this way if you develop an application and then want to add registration functionality you could just scaffold it from github.
If sbt new do this, please let me know, if not please let me know what do you think about it
Pierre Borckmans
Mar 09 2017 11:07
@pauldraper: thanks for the insight, my custom task was defined in the wrong scope. Working now.
Pierre Borckmans
Mar 09 2017 12:19
Another question guys. Let's say I want to add a new Configuration in which the publish task should use a different publishTo value. How would I go about that?
I tried several ways, but it seems the publish task is always picking the publishTo setting from the global scope.
Paul Draper
Mar 09 2017 20:00
(publishTo in Compile).value