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Mar 2017
Marco Ordoñez
Mar 25 2017 13:38
Hi guys, I am trying to use SbtTraceur ( but it gives an error saying java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Timeout length must not be negative, question not sent to [Actor[akka://sbt-web/user/$b#-9116093]] poiting to like 77
I am not sure what is going on but I imagine is related to other tasks since I am using coffee
So, I would like to ask you how can execute traceur after coffee compilation?
in other words, how can I execute a task after other has completed
thanks in advanced
Marco Ordoñez
Mar 25 2017 13:54
I got it
traceur in Assets := (coffeescript in Assets).value,
using this information
I think is not executing traceur
Jeff Gentry
Mar 25 2017 17:34
If I want to crossbuild my project for 2.11 and 2.12, how would i handle a dependency where i need one version for the 2.11 build and one version for the 2.12 version in my dependency list?
Devis Lucato
Mar 25 2017 22:34
I noticed that the API documentation generated for Scala 2.11 has a frame on the left, with the list of classes/traits etc. The API doc for Scala 2.12 instead doesn’t use frames. Is there an option to choose one or the other format? I like the framed version, which I’d like to produce for projects using only 2.12