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Apr 2017
marios iliofotou
Apr 02 2017 02:00
@kailuowang I used to use json4s on my plugin. I had a much better experience after migrating to Circe.
Kai(luo) Wang
Apr 02 2017 02:22
Thanks @imarios !
Paul Phillips
Apr 02 2017 03:56
@bfly2000 right, and the approach above will tell you which files have changed between the add and the diff. You may be able to squeeze this information out of sbt directly - don't know.
Justin Kaeser
Apr 02 2017 14:06
@bfly2000 @paulp it should be result of managedSources task, but it won’t tell if if the generated files have actually changed
Shane Delmore
Apr 02 2017 18:36
This is deeper than I have ever looked but zinc must have a method of tracking changed files to know what needs to be recompiled. Personally though I might just go git as PaulP advised or look at file modification time stamps.
Ruben Fiszel
Apr 02 2017 22:14
Apr 02 2017 23:18
some sbt-assembly magic, maybe?